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Personal and Corporate Event Service

Personal Event Services

Base Package

At Cocoa Events and Marketing we want to make sure we are providing the most value. That’s why our base package includes so much quality. Before your event even occurs we create a custom template for your event, we also coordinate a backdrop based on the theme of your event. At your event our professional Cocoa Concierge attendants will set up the station, including premium props and unlimited photo booth sessions for all your guests. Prints your guests keep are of the highest quality, with dye-sublimination and are dry as soon as they print out. After your event, the acid free paper protects your keepsakes against UV light, fingerprints, liquids, ozone, and dust. An additional print from all your guests is printed out and placed into a Premium Keepsake Memory Book (12.9″ x 9.5″ valued at $50) holding 240 pictures and given to the host of the event. As a cherry on top, we also provide a Premium Keepsake USB Flashdrive with digital copies of all pictures of your event. *Whew* That is a mouthful!!!

Corporate Event Services

Corporate Event Services

It’s always fun to let your hair down at a company you work so hard for. Believe me, we feel you. This is by far the most exciting way to have a photo booth at your company’s corporate event. It’s bound to be the newest water cooler talk.

Let’s not make this super exciting interactive photo booth fit into a cookie cutter corporate event mold. We also do small business or small venue events as well. Events like: Grand Openings; Concerts; School Functions; Church Functions; Non-Profit Events; Launch and Release Parties; Recruiting and Tradeshows; and anything else you can think of.

We also have partner sponsorship opportunities available. Contact us for all the important details.

Add-On Services

We are always looking for ways to add more value to your events. Each additional service has it’s own pricing, so please contact us for all the details. Additional services we offer range from personalized service and additional value for your guests. We have been in and out of many venues and have made just as many contacts, we can honestly say we have seen it all. Why not put our experience to the test. We offer assistance in choosing the perfect venue for your special event. But let’s not stop there, we also offer day of coordination to make your event truly stress free.

Social media is a daily staple in everyone’s life, with our Social Media Sharing feature, you can keep your guests in your event and off their phone.

What event is special without a Red Carpet? Out VIP Red Carpet experience treats you and your guests like the rock stars you really are. The VIP Experience comes complete with a red carpet and velvet rope stanchions.

Cocoa Events and Marketing Packages

Base Package


Unlimited Photo Booth Sessions

Custom Templates

Backdrop to Compliment Event Theme

Premium Props & Costumes

Professional Cocoa Attendants

Premium Keepsake Flash drive of all digital pictures throughout the event

Premium Keepsake Memory Book valued at $50 to include prints of each guest


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Corporate Events


Grand Opening Package

Concert Package

Small Venue Package

School/ Churches Packages

Non-Profit Packages

Launch/ Release Party's

Recruiting/ Tradeshow's

Partner Sponsorship Opportunities Available


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Add-On Services


Social Sharing Feature

VIP Red-Carpet Experience 

Assistance with choosing a Venue

Day of Coordination


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